Modular Construction Technologies

Through our construction design and delivery expertise, IDS recognises some of the traditional construction problems and is driven by change to ensure the leveraging of pre-manufacturing technologies and transferring production of the construction industry from the site to the factory.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is premised upon three basic principles:

    • Digitising – Delivering better, more certain outcomes using digital technologies;
    • Manufacturing – Improving productivity, quality and safety by increasing the use of manufacturing; and,
    • Performance – Optimising whole life performance through the development of energy efficient, smart assets, sustainable assembly and installation.

At IDS we understand MMC has the potential to help solve these traditional construction challenges, designing and pre-manufacturing high-quality programs at a faster rate in a more efficient way. The construction industry often faces delays caused by numerous factors, including lack of labour, or weather conditions that halt or slow down construction onsite. MMC addresses these challenges by pre-manufacturing offsite within a controlled factory environment minimises project risk, resulting in a faster build programme, assured quality control and enhanced build performance standards.

From increased energy efficiency to reduced build time, factory-built modularised and pre-manufactured projects can be designed with owners, end users and the environment in mind, making MMC solutions increasingly popular.

MMC also allows developers to take a full turnkey, supply chain managed approach to construction whereby they control the entire pre-manufacturing process from start to finish – from steel fabrication through to the final furnishing and cleaning of the modular rooms. Following this MMC approach, the quality of each and every product is checked and signed off – ensuring that all solutions are pre-manufactured and installed to the same consistently high standards.

The modular construction process differs greatly from conventional construction and early consultant involvement is essential in order to take advantage of the full benefits of MMC and off-site construction and some of the more details services IDS provides includes:

    • MMC Design & Engineering Management
    • Prototype and Sample Development
    • MMC Manufacturer Selection
    • MMC Factory QA/QC and Site Visits
    • MMC Transportation & Logistic Advisory Planning
    • Contractor MMC Installation Training
    • Project Delivery & Site Inspection Management
    • MMC Testing & Commissioning
    • MMC BIM & Digital Management Services

IDS provides training and technical advisors to assist the general contractor to install the modules on site. We can also train the general contractor’s installation team at our factories, prior to delivery of the modules.

Taking our Clients that further step beyond simply supporting you in the development of their projects, IDS also provides our bespoke MMC Factory Establishment Consultancy & Advisory Services. This then provides our Clients with the opportunity to collaborate with the best in class global manufacturers to develop their own manufacturing capability and capacity, should the need be required.

    • Market Study & Analysis of MMC Manufacturing Requirements
    • MMC Factory Establishment Partner Selection
    • Business Model Preparation
    • Financial Model & Feasibility Preparation
    • Supply Chain Management Consultancy